Apply for a secondary school place for September 2021

If your child is currently in year 6 at junior/primary school, they will be due to transfer to secondary school in September 2021.  You must apply to Cumbria County Council for a secondary school place.

Please note - the online application process closes on 31st October 2020.

Applications received after 31 October 2020 will be treated as late applications. This means that they will not be considered until we have dealt with all timely applications and allocated places to these applicants. 

If you submit a late application after 31 October 2020 but before 5 January 2021 and you feel that there are exceptional reasons that prevented you from submitting your application on time, you must provide an explanation of these reasons and provide independent proof to confirm your circumstances. These reasons will be considered and, if accepted, your application will be considered along with the timely applications. If they are not accepted, or if you do not provide the information required to confirm your exceptional circumstances until after 5 January 2021, your application will continue to be considered as late.

Before you apply for a school place, please read through the booklet Transfer to Secondary School in Cumbria (PDF 3MB).  If you need a printed copy of the booklet, please contact the School Admissions and Appeals Team:

Telephone: 01228 221582

Copies are also available in all infant and primary schools and public libraries in Cumbria.

To apply for a Year 7 place for your child in September 2021, you can:

School Admissions and Appeals
Cumbria County Council
Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Business Park

If you live outside Cumbria, you need to apply through your own Local Authority, even if you want to apply for a place in a Cumbrian school.  You must confirm that you have read the booklet and provided accurate information before submitting your application.
 Title  Date  Size
4/09/2020 580k
4/09/2020 127k
4/09/2020 385k
4/09/2020 779k
4/09/2020 401k
4/09/2020 2981k
4/09/2020 553k
4/09/2020 908k
4/09/2020 797k
4/09/2020 530k
4/09/2020 197k
4/09/2020 395k
4/09/2020 604k
4/09/2020 326k
4/09/2020 133k
4/09/2020 701k
4/09/2020 557k
4/09/2020 165k
4/09/2020 996k
4/09/2020 702k
4/09/2020 360k
4/09/2020 668k
4/09/2020 436k
4/09/2020 87k
4/09/2020 660k
4/09/2020 307k
4/09/2020 160k
4/09/2020 403k