Virtual School for children looked after

Virtual Schools

Cumbria Virtual School is responsible for raising the educational standards of Cumbria's Children Looked After (CLA).

The Virtual School team works with schools that CLA are attending to ensure they reach their full educational potential and go on to succeed in their adult lives.

The Virtual School also provides information and advice to parents and carers, educators and other professionals of previously looked after children. 

Our aims:

  • Ensure all CLA make good progress from their starting points.
  • Ensure every CLA has a high quality Personal Educational Plan (PEP) which sets out the actions and support to be provided.
  • Provide advice to schools on effective use of the Pupil Premium Plus for CLA.
  • Improve the attendance of any CLA where this is a problem.
  • Reduce exclusions for CLA
  • Deliver training to schools, designated teachers, carers, children's services personnel and other partner agencies
  • Be a source of advice and information for parents and educators of previously looked after children.

Virtual School Head

The Virtual Head:

  • provides strategic leadership for the Virtual School.
  • acts as a champion for all CLA.
  • monitors CLA progress as if they attended a single school.
  • ensures all CLA have appropriate educational provision in place.
  • works to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for all Cumbrian CLA.

Inclusion Officers for CLA

The Inclusion Officers work in their geographical areas to:

  • ensure that CLA have an appropriate educational provision.
  • improve the attendance of CLA.
  • reduce exclusions of CLA where this is an issue.
  • support all key transitions for CLA e.g changes of school.
  • support planning and interventions via multi agency responses and action plans.
  • provide advice regarding the learning needs of individual children.
  • support the PEP process and PP+ funding when necessary.

Achievement Teachers for CLA

The CLA Achievement Teachers work in their geographical areas to:

  • track and monitor the progress of CLA in schools in Cumbria and in schools out of the county.
  • ensure that every child/young person has a high quality PEP.
  • ensure that Pupil Premium Plus is used effectively.
  • proactively support planning and interventions.
  • provide advice regarding the learning needs of individual children.
  • provide training to enhance the experiences of CLA.

Positive Engagement Officers

  • Promote the inclusion and well-being of Key Stage 4 and post-16 children looked after (CLA) and care leavers in Cumbria through to age 25.
  • Improve the educational outcomes for children looked after and care leavers in Cumbria in order to help them achieve their full potential in post-16 education, employment and training.
  • Be involved with Cumbria's CLA from Key Stage 4 onwards in order to promote the child's educational achievement and career opportunities wherever they live, are educated or seek work.

    Contact the Virtual School

    Contact the Virtual School for:

    • Advice, information and guidance for CLA and Previously CLA
    • All CLA School moves in/out of county