Children's Services Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) are a risk assessment that we carry out across all our services, to make sure that we are not disadvantaging anyone with a 'protected characteristic'.  We call these negative impacts; the role of the EIA is to mitigate these negative impacts/disadvantages.

Wherever we find a negative impact we have to:

  • Check whether we can take action to address it;
  • Set objectives to address it in our annual Service Plans;
  • Make sure that it is being built into staff appraisal objectives;

All reports to cabinet must now have a completed EIA attached.

The Cumbria Atlas consists of a series of interactive geographical tools which enable you to view local data sets and indicators in a user-friendly format combining maps, tables and charts.  The tools also offer you the facility to make comparisons with national data and indicators.  The aim of the Atlas is to enable users to better understand the characteristics and needs of areas across the county.

All current Equality Impact Assessments for Children`s Services

 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2015 146k
14/05/2014 216k
14/05/2014 589k
14/05/2014 76k
23/01/2015 185k
21/12/2015 183k