Anti-Poverty Strategy

The Anti-Poverty Strategy sets out the County Council's ambition to take positive steps to address the pressures felt by low income households in Cumbria.

The strategy also acknowledges the policy and financial challenges faced by local authorities and the wider public sector, and that partnership working, and community level actions will be critical.

Through our focus on household incomes, community resilience and tackling child poverty we will put in place a comprehensive package of activities and services to make a difference. We hope that by working in a joined up way, we can focus effort to look at how make best use of local resources and assets to help communities.

The strategy describes the current picture of poverty in Cumbria along with the outcomes the Council is seeking to achieve, our priorities for addressing poverty and the actions the Council will commit to over the next three years in order to respond to these challenges.

The Council has a duty to publish a Child Poverty Needs Assessment and Strategy which can be found on this page, and in order to meet this duty the Anti-Poverty Strategy incorporates the Council's approach to tackling Child Poverty.

Over the next three years the Council's priorities will be around:
� Maximising household incomes;
� Building community resilience
� Tackling child poverty.

By 2017 it is the Council's aim to have supported:
� The maximisation of household incomes;
� Jobs growth that is sustainable and pays a fair living wage;
� People accessing local support to help deal with financial challenges;
� To improve the life chances of children in poverty compared to children not living in poverty.

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