Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information for care homes

Adult Social Care - COVID-19 related issues and queries

Adult Social Care - care providers

Adult Social Care - area offices

  • Adult Social Care are operating temporary extended office hours during the COVID-19 outbreak (Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm; Saturday/Sunday: 10am to 4pm) - Adult Social Care contact details.

Adult Social Care - out of hours

  • Existing contacts for care homes to contact out of hours.  Outside office hours, at weekends and bank holidays, the Emergency Duty Team will advise and respond to emergencies.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

GP Practices

Cumbria Health on Call (CHOC)

  • Cumbria treatment centres: Carlisle, Whitehaven, Penrith, Wigton, Kendal and Barrow
  • CHoC are operating business as usual. Care homes are to carry on contacting CHoC on the usual telephone number (0300 3034365). Cases will be logged and passed onto a CHoC clinician who will then look into the case. If the patient has suspected COVID-19 and needs some advice the CHoC clinician will make sure the patient is ok but advise the care home to contact 111 and ask for the COVID-19 line. 
  • Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC): 0300 3034365

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS)

  • Business and processes as usual - NWAS expect Care Homes to use the usual means of contact and existing referral pathways.  First instance (non-serious cases) contact lead GP Practice.
  • A discussion with a clinician is available using the health care professional line - 0345 140 0144
  • If the patient is unwell in the first instance please contact the GP (primary care) or call 111 for advice (however, please be aware that calls to this number are in high demand).  
  • If the case is more serious, please call 999 emergency.  Staffing levels are sufficient and response times are standard.  Ambulance staff/paramedics will be wearing PPE/face masks. NHS North West ambulance service 

End of life care

  • North Cumbria: Existing systems are in place - continue to use existing referral pathways via GP Practice leads (or ICC hubs).
  • South Cumbria: Existing systems are in place - continue to use existing referral pathways via GP Practice leads.  Additional telephone support may be available for nursing care homes.


  • North Cumbria: Existing systems are in place - continue to use existing referral pathways via GP Practice leads (or ICC hubs).

Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams

North Cumbria:
Existing referral systems are still in place - referrals via GP, social worker or other health professional.  Enhanced CHESS support service (Care Home Education and Support Service). To cover 3 key areas:

  • Staff support via telephone: 01228 602 100. Advice and support with complex needs, support/advice re management of acute confusion/delirium; Behaviour management; Activity planning 
  • Support with managing complex care: Support managing challenging/distressed behaviour and patient needs. Basic care planning and staff training enabling new or less experienced staff to manage care difficulties for patients exhibiting challenging/distressed behaviour.  CHESS: Carlisle: 01228 602100;  Allerdale: 01900 705850;  Eden 01768 245530.
  • Short term Support with Staffing. Can support busy periods within the care home meal times/personal care etc. CHESS staff can be included in numbers if appropriate, smaller care providers would have priority for this.  To be reviewed in a timely manor.  NHS Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear.

South Cumbria:
Service has been reduced to telephone consultation support and advice - 01539 715009

  • Virtual consultations available from Nurse, OT, Consultant to provide support and guidance on meaningful occupation and holistic healthcare. 
  • Advice on signposting to other services and assistance in COVID-19 are planning for residents. 
  • Clinical supervision for staff and reflective practice on an adhoc. basis over the telephone due to potential exposure to trauma. 
  • Educational advice for further reading/ research that maybe relevant to the presentation of patients. Able to offer support to families which may be affected due to COVID-19 restrictions. Video links are available if requested.  Community Mental Health Team for older adults.

District Nursing

  • North Cumbria: District nursing support can be sought via the ICC hubs along with any other community health support (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, TVN's)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Updated PPE guidance for care sector.

Current guidance states that agency staff should not take any employment in other health/ social care settings until 14 days after their last shift in an affected home.

Eden Valley Hospice Carlisle 

  • Existing systems are still in place (may change depending on the emergency situation).  Referrals to the Hospice continue to be made via GP, Social Worker, or District Nurse.  Visiting restrictions are in place - please call Hospice daily for information on 01228 810801.

Hospice at Home Carlisle 

  • The service are still receiving referrals as usual from health care professionals. Service remains however patients are being prioritised in terms of who are most vulnerable (i.e. living alone; requiring nursing care) with a focus on nursing provision.  Patients with COVID-19 symptoms are being cared for.  There are currently no complimentary therapies being provided.  Telephone: 01228 603208.

Hospice at Home - West Cumbria

  • Existing systems are still in place - referral systems remain. Offering telephone contact where appropriate but nursing provision (home nursing, end of life care and palliative care) is still being provided.  Telephone: 01900 873173/ 01900 705200.

St. Mary's Hospice - Furness Peninsula and South Lakes 

  • South Cumbria Services remain and existing systems are in place.  Some changes to service provision including additional home provision from 7pm to 8am (as well as 8am to 7pm).  Beds available in the hospice.  New service -  overnight hospice at home team able to go from house to house supporting dying patients; This team was set up to support district nurses but has recently supported a care home which had no night staff due to sickness. In this way we kept all those residents in their own home safely. Telephone: 01229 580305.

St. John's Hospice (Hospice at Home) South Cumbria 

  • Service remains and they are still taking referrals.  The only service affected is respite - currently there is no respite service. Telephone: 01524 382538.