Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for visitors to Cumbria and the Lake District

While restrictions on travel and exercise have now been lifted, people are being asked to think carefully before visiting Cumbria and the Lake District at the current time.

Over recent weekends most people have heeded messages to postpone their trips and this has helped to reduce the pressure on local facilities and communities. But as the county starts to move slowly back to welcoming visitors, people who do want to visit are being urged to observe social distancing and ensure they do not break the law by staying overnight.

While across the area the majority of shops and visitor attractions remain closed, some are beginning to open with safety measures in place and public toilets and car parks are back in operation in the majority of areas.

For those that do decide to visit the area despite local concerns there are 3 key messages:

Respect our local communities

  • Be considerate and don't do things that increase the risk or cause problems for local people, particularly the vulnerable: avoid using paths through farmers' yards; keep your dog on a lead and take your litter home.
  • Plan ahead and avoid busy places: use Safer Lake District to park safely and considerately and avoid the more popular destinations.
  • Review the Government guidance on accessing green spaces.
  • Bring your own food and drink to avoid pressure on local shops.
  • Don't behave in an anti-social manner.

Respect the risk

  • Cumbria continues to record new cases of the virus every day and the threat has not gone away.
  • Don't take risks on the fells, on the water or on the roads. Stay within the limits of your ability and equipment at all times.
  • If you get into trouble help may take longer to arrive and you will put unnecessary additional pressure on local health and emergency workers as well as volunteer mountain rescue and coastal rescue services.

Respect the rules

Help us control the virus and don't make a bad situation worse.