Constitution - Part 2R - Pensions Forum



1.1 The Pensions Forum meets to inform and consult the wider representation of employing organisations and employee and pensioner representatives. The dates of these meetings are synchronised with those held by the Pensions Committee to allow for Forum input.


2.1 The functions of the Pension Forum are to:

(a) seek the views of the representative bodies, employees and pensioners and discuss items of common interest in relation to pensions including:

(i) administration of pensions and information to employees and pensioners in Cumbria;

(ii) discretionary benefits under the Scheme;

(iii) the state of the fund (the Annual Report and Accounts shall be submitted to the Forum);

(iv) investment policy; and

(v) developments in public sector pension matters and to make appropriate recommendations by the County Council.

3.1 Meetings will be open to the public and invitations will be circulated as widely as practicable to employer bodies and pensioner representatives.

3.2 The Forum will meet at least once a year.

3.3 A special meeting of the Pension Forum may be called by the Chairman.

3.4 Three District Council's or five Employer Bodies may request in writing that a Special Meeting is convened.  The Chairman must call the meeting within 21 days of receiving the request.

3.5 All Forum Members will have access to public Pension Committee papers and are invited to comment as appropriate.

3.6 Each Member will have an equal vote and should it be required the Chair will have a casting vote.

3.7 Membership of the Cumbria Pension Committee will be represented at each Forum meeting, including where possible the Chair and Vice Chair.

4.1  The Forum consists of both Employer and Employee Representatives as follows:

(i)  Employer Representatives:

  (a) County Council: Nine Members

  (b) District Councils: One member nominated by each Council (including member of the Pensions Committee)
  (c) Statutory Bodies: One member nominated by each employer
  (d) Admitted Bodies: One member nominated by each employer

(ii) Employee Representatives:
  (a) County Council: Eight employee representatives appointed by UNISON, of whom two shall be current pensioners

  (b) District Councils: One employee representative for each District appointed by UNISON, together with one current pensioner 
  (c) Statutory Bodies: Eight employee representatives appointed by UNISON, together with one current pensioner
  (d) Admitted Bodies:  Three employee representatives appointed by UNISON

4.2 Where an appointed representative is unable to attend, a substitute may attend in their place.

4.3 Appointment of the Chair

The Chairman will be a Member of the County Council.

4.4 All facility time is paid by Cumbria County Council, as set out in the Trade Union Facilities Agreement