Constitution - Part 2U - Member Development Group



1.1 The Member Development Group has overall strategic responsibility for promoting, monitoring and championing Member Development within political groups and more generally within the County Council.

2.1 The functions of the Member Development Group are to:

(a) Promote member development as one means of securing continuous improvement in the County Council.

(b) Propose and update as appropriate a member development strategy for County Council approval and to be responsible, within the agreed budget, for the strategy's implementation, monitoring and review.

(c) Agree a learning and development calendar annually having regard to the Council's priorities and the development needs of individual members (through close working with the group offices for those which have them), and to make any necessary changes to the plan during the year.

(d) Review member feedback on training and development and to evaluate outcomes from learning and development activity to help inform future planning and organisation.

(e) Consider and review the arrangements and plans in place for the major member induction programme post the four yearly elections and for the induction of members elected at by-elections.

(f) Play a lead role in the work from a member perspective in relation to re-accreditation to the North West Charter on Member Development (Charter Level 1) on an ongoing basis.

(g) Act as a forum for discussion of member support arrangements generally, including the provision of IT and how members can best engage and utilise modern technologies.

3.1 Cabinet Member with responsibility for Member Development plus four other members appointed on a politically proportionate basis.

Note: Members nominated should have a commitment to learning and development and be keen to act as champions for member development within their political groups.

3.2 Outside formal meetings of the Group, members are asked to:

(a) Act as champions and exemplars within their political groups;

(b) Promote learning and development opportunities to other members;

(c)  Act as a point of contact and expertise on member development within their political group.