Constitution - Part 2V - Independent Persons Panel



1.1 The Independent Persons Panel must be called to advise in the event that disciplinary action (including capability) against a Statutory Officer, being the Council's Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer or Chief Finance Officer, is likely to lead to a recommendation to Council to dismiss the Statutory Officer.

2.1 To hear, consider and comment in respect of Statutory Officer discipline that could lead to dismissal;

2.2 To make a report and recommendation to full Council in accordance with the Council's policies and procedures; and

2.3 The Panel may have access to external legal and professional advice as necessary.

3.1 The membership of the Independent Persons Panel comprises at least two Independent Persons appointed under s28(7) of the Localism Act 2011 by the Council, or other local authorities in the event that the Council has fewer than two such members and/or they are unable to act.

3.2 The Panel shall be appointed from those Independent Persons who have accepted an invitation to be considered for appointment, in accordance with the following priority order—

                       (a) an Independent Person who has been appointed by the authority and who is a local government elector in the Council's area;

                       (b) any other Independent Person who has been appointed by the authority;

                       (c) an Independent Person who has been appointed by another authority or authorities.

3.3 The Panel must be appointed at least 20 working days before the meeting of full Council at which a recommendation to dismiss will be considered.

3.4 The Panel should be convened as soon as a recommendation to dismiss is released by the Chief Officers Committee.

3.5 The Panel will consider the Chief Officers Committee recommendation, the submissions of the statutory officer and the report of the Independent Investigator and make their recommendations to full Council.