Vice Chairman

Cllr William (Bill) McEwan

Bill McEwan Vice Chairman

Born in Scotland, I served a 5 year apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker in my hometown of Greenock. I then moved to Barrow-in-Furness on completion of my apprenticeship to work on the Polaris Program (Submarines) for the then Vickers Shipyard.

I have lived in Barrow for 56 years now and am married with 6 children (adults).

I got involved in local politics while helping in the community volunteering. It was an honour for me to be elected as Barrow's Mayor (2018-2019) and serve the people of Barrow. At present, I am a councillor on both Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria County Council, serving on various committees of both councils. I am also the present Vice-Chair of Barrow Local Committee.

Alongside residents, I have been involved with setting up the Hub in my division to get the community spirit back.

I am now honoured to have been elected as Vice-Chairman of Cumbria County Council and I look forward to serving the people of Cumbria for the following year.