Cumbria County Council's Key Plans and Strategies

Cumbria County Council has a range of strategies and plans in place to support decision making and the achievement of the outcomes set out in the Council plan.

This page will provide a clear list of key strategies and plans alphabetised for ease of access by the Council's customers.

A number of the Council's strategies are included in the Council's Policy Framework. The Council's Policy Framework sets out the Policies and Strategies that the Council has statutory requirements to adhere to in carrying out its functions and delivering services to the public.

Policies and Strategies in the Policy Framework

This next section will set out the policies and strategies that are included in the policy framework. As set out in the Council's constitution, these are the strategies and plans the Council is legally required to produce and adhere to. These documents require agreement by Full Council and sets out what the Council's key areas of focus are for Cumbria, how the Council will enable itself to operate on a day to day basis and how the Council will deliver key functions that it has to deliver such as the Fire and Rescue Service and Public Health Functions. Policies and Strategies within the Policy Framework are as follows:

Policies and Strategies in the Policy Framework include the following:

  • Council Plan;

  • Local Transport Plan;

  • Youth Justice Strategic Plan;

  • Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan;

  • Fire and Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan;

  • Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy;

  • Cumbria's Economic Ambition;

  • Public Health Strategy;

  • Development Plan (including the Cumbria Sub-Regional Spatial Strategy and countywide Supplementary Planning documents, currently the Wind Energy Supplementary Plan).