Council Plan 2014-2017

Cumbria County Council has agreed a set of priorities for the council for the next three years.

Since September (2013), the county council has been engaging organisations, staff and members of the public on the contents of its new Council Plan which sets out what the organisation will concentrate on over the next three years (2014-17) within the limited resources available.

The priorities include:

  • Maximising capital investment opportunities for schools, focusing on those in greatest need.
  • Introducing a Living Wage within the council and encouraging other employers to do the same.
  • Working with the NHS to deliver more joined-up health and social care services.
  • Working with other organisations and communities to make sure Cumbria is as prepared as possible to deal with flooding.
  • Providing a well maintained highway and transport network and maximising new investment.
  • Working with other organisations to help people acquire the skills and qualifications they to meet the future needs of the economy.
  • Reshaping the county council by reviewing management structures and reducing management costs.

Council plan (PDF 3.21mb)

Interactive Council Plan 2014-2017

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Interactive Council Plan 2014-2017

Councillor Stewart Young, leader of Cumbria County Council, said: "The county council is facing the twin challenges of reduced funding and rising demand for services.

"The county's rapidly ageing population and high levels of poverty in parts of Cumbria are the main factors behind the rising demand for services.

"At the same time, the government's year-on-year reductions in local authority funding mean over the next three years, the county council will need to save £ 88 million on top of the £ 88 million it has already saved since the start of the decade.

"However tough it is for the council, I know it is a lot tougher for thousands of families across Cumbria which is why we are determined to make sure the council focuses its efforts and limited resources on the things that will make a difference to people's lives over the next three years.

Achievements in delivering the Council Plan

Achievements in delivering the Council Plan (PDF 7MB)
Annual Report (PDF 7MB)