Council Plan 2016-2019

Cumbria County Council has agreed a set of priorities for the council for the next three years.

The new plan has been agreed following consultation (since September 2015) with a range of organisations including staff, members of the public and the third sector.

The new plan includes a new set of priorities that the organisation will concentrate on over the next three years (2016-19). Priorities that reflect the very challenging times we face here in Cumbria, in particular the effect of the floods and our ever reducing funds from Government.

Our new priorities are:

  • To safeguard children and support families and schools so that all children in Cumbria can grow up in a safe environment, and can fulfil their potential

  • To support older, disabled and vulnerable people to live independent and healthy lives

  • To enable communities to help shape their local services, promote health and wellbeing and support those in poverty

  • To provide a safe and well managed highways network, secure infrastructure improvements and support local economic growth

  • To be a modern and efficient council

Our Council Plan is also supported with the Council Plan Delivery Plan (PDF 486KB) which gives more details as to the activity that we will undertake to ensure that we deliver against our priorities.