Cumbria Care - Day Services

Day Services for older adults

Some of these services may be impacted by coronavirus.

Cumbria Care offer a range of Day Services in a warm and welcoming environment. Activities are designed to support people to maintain their independence for as long as possible, helping people to remain at home for longer. Staff support meaningful, personalised and engaging activities and by meeting with others the support helps to reduce loneliness and social isolation. 

Friendly and safe specialised support is available for those living with dementia, with opportunities to be involved in stimulating and therapeutic activities provided by experienced staff. 

Our staff are professionally trained and passionate about what they do. Staff approach their roles with creativity to ensure the varied activities meet the needs of people attending and promote their wellbeing.

Our day care services improve quality of life for individuals attending through building new friendships and by giving the opportunity for people to get extra support with some daily tasks such assisted bathing and hairdressing. Nutritious hot meals are provided and snacks are available throughout the day.

Examples of activities offered include:

  • quizzes and games 
  • arts and crafts
  • sing-a-longs
  • music and dance therapy
  • reminiscence therapy and exercises
  • accessible exercise

Day services for adults with a physical and/or learning disability

Cumbria Care have a diverse range of Day Services for adults with a physical and/or learning disability. The support offered is highly personalised to meet the needs of the individual and promote and maintain independence. 

We encourage everyone to access facilities and activities in the local area wherever possible and provide the support to access those services so that individuals are truly integrated into their local community. Staff also lead workshops to support individuals with independence skills and support other activities based on the interests and wishes of individuals attending. Our staff team are highly experienced and well trained and provide dignified, professional and friendly support. 

Specialised and therapeutic activities are available in some centres to meet the complex needs of our service users. 

Opportunities are available for individuals to gain work-based skills, with a variety of placements available including woodwork skills, customer service and various crafts.

Carleton Day Centre

Carleton Road, Carleton, Carlisle CA1 3DP

Telephone: 01228 221519 / 01228 221520

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

Carleton day centre provides specialist care for people with complex and profound learning disabilities in a vibrant adapted centre. The experienced staff team works with people attending to ensure activities always meet their needs and interests. 

The centre has several facilities including a multisensory room and offers rebound therapy for postural care. An art room offers lots of opportunities to get creative and it also hosts storytelling events and a choir. There is a healthy eating group that meet and support each other with their health goals. Outside there is lots of space to connect with nature, do some gardening and watch the birds. 

Community-based activities include hydrotherapy, walking, swimming, ten pin bowling and trips to the local café or pub.

Broadacre Day Service

Broadacre House, 1st Floor, Lowther Street, Carlisle CA1 1BJ

Telephone: 01228 510137

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

Located in the heart of Carlisle city centre the people supported through Broadacre House have great access to the local community helping them build independence and life skills. 

All support is provided to meet the needs and interests of the people using the service and the centre has facilities for people to be able to complete arts and crafts activities, cooking and baking. A drama workshop called Dragonfly gives the people we support the opportunity to positively express themselves, perform and make friends.  

Morton Day Centre

(Relocating to new site in April 2022) 

Richard Rose Morton Academy, Wigton Road, Carlisle CA2 6LB

Telephone: 01228 221452

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

Morton day centre meets the needs and interests of individuals who use the service with activities such as weekly music sessions, sensory activities, flower arranging, Makaton sessions and arts and crafts activities. 

The centre has a sensory providing stimulating, therapeutic lights and activities including postural care. People accessing the service are supported to make use of facilities in the local community as well, going swimming, to community events, local shops, and taking trips, all helping to build independence and life skills. 

Garden Linx

Carlisle Cemetery, Richardson Street, Carlisle CA2 6AL

Telephone: 01228 597529

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

The people supported through Garden Linx learn in a work environment, developing skills in horticulture as well as life skills and independence. An allotment means we can grow our own vegetables and the Millennium Garden is a lovely space to spend breaks on warmer days. 

Annual plant and produce sales are held which are open to the public and Garden Linx also maintains public and private outdoor spaces such as the Pirelli Tyres flower beds. 

Denton Woodcraft

12 Chapel Place Trading Estate, Denton Holme, Carlisle CA2 5DS

Telephone: 01228 597553

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

People supported through Denton Woodcraft are supported in a work environment, developing their skills in woodwork as well as life skills and independence. 

People carry out a range of tasks such as producing and selling kindling, recycled from old wooden pallets donated by local businesses, making hedgehog houses and bird boxes both for the Watch Tree Nature Reserve charity and the public. The group have also developed a range of woodwork crafts they display and sell within the centre and at art and craft fairs from key holders, bookstands and squirrel boxes.   

Outreach service

Broadacre House, 1st Floor, Lowther Street, Carlisle CA1 1BJ

Telephone: 01228 510137

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

The Outreach service offers person-centred activities, with 1-1 support, within their local community, working with partner organisations and supporting people to access community facilities. The service starts from the person's own home. The individual maintains the maximum level of independence, choice and control in their life, communicating their preferences and choices in their preferred way. 

Activities are meaningful and purposeful. People being supported are continually supported to learn and develop personal skills, maintain and build their independence, receive intensive support as required and build their confidence and decision-making skills, all to support an individual to reach their potential. 

Examples of some of the activities people may be interested in include Watchtree Wheelers/adapted bicycles, swimming at local pools, dance /exercise classes at community centres, cinema, walking and visits.  

Supported Employment

Richard Rose Morton Academy, Wigton Road, Carlisle CA2 6LB

Telephone: 01228 221452

Manager: Annemarie Armstrong

The service supports people with a learning disability to access work placements whether they are paid or voluntary. We help people advocate for their needs as required in the work placement and can help to act as an intermediary between the person being supported, employer and carers. 

Work placements are with a variety of employers from shopkeeping to hotels throughout Carlisle and Eden.