Cumbria Care - how we are supporting safe visits

Every effort is made to keep this information up to date but due to the evolving nature of the pandemic and local restrictions changes may be made at short notice to protect vulnerable residents, staff and visitors.

We recognise how important it is for the wellbeing of residents to be able to keep close links to family and friends. Throughout the crisis we have been adapting to the situation to provide that vital link to family while ensuring everyone's safety.

Our staff have embraced using technology to help residents to keep in contact with their families and regular video calls have provided essential contact as well as helping residents see more of family life they may not have been able to with in-person visits. More traditional methods of communication have also been welcomed, with letters and postcards bringing a very welcome boost. 

We understand technology is no match for interaction in person however, so we are doing all we can to facilitate in person visits while maintaining safety at all times. Throughout the summer, very successful outdoor visits were facilitated in the gardens. These prearranged visits allowed residents to see their family members in person while keeping a safe distance.

With the weather turning colder towards winter, outdoor visits become more challenging. In each home an indoor space which can allow for covid safe visiting has been identified for use in inclement weather and the necessary structural changes to provide access to these areas are being made as quickly as possible to ensure visits can be facilitated. 

At the end of someone's life, visits can be even more important. Compassionate visits can be arranged for loved ones to be able to say goodbye properly. 

Learn more about our current visiting policy (PDF 334KB).