Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service - performance and transparency

Performance information

The service regularly monitors performance against the Corporate Plan and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service Service Plan.  The performance information provided is regularly updated to show how we are performing. Performance at a local level is provided for each station.

First Appliance Q2 2019-20 800 X 301

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service aim to have first appliances reach 80% of all primary building fires within 10 minutes, and 80% reach all other incidents within 15 minutes.

Missed Availability Information (PDF 400KB)

The following link will take you to the area where performance information may be accessed for each Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service fire station.

Station Performance

HMICFRS purpose

To promote improvements in policing and fire and rescue services to make everyone safer.


HMICFRS independently assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of police forces and fire and rescue services - in the public interest.

In preparing their reports, they ask the questions that citizens would ask, and publish the answers in accessible form, using their expertise to interpret the evidence and make recommendations for improvement.

They provide authoritative information to allow the public to compare the performance of their fire and rescue services against others. Their evidence is used to drive improvements in the services provided to the public.

The following reports summarise the feedback received from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service staff following the recent staff survey's:

Staff survey report 2018 (PDF 3MB)

On-call staff survey report 2017 (PDF 4MB)

The links below provide our key financial information and information under the transparency agenda.