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Consultation on IRMP 2019 to 2023

Following approval by Cumbria County Council's Cabinet, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) has launched a public consultation on its Integrated Risk Management Plan for 2019 to 2023. 

Currently, the service has an IRMP covering the period 2016 to 2020, however this document is under continuous review to take in to account the latest information about risk. The refreshed IRMP 2019 to 2023 and supporting Risk Based Evidence Profile (RBEP) reflects up to date risk analysis and evaluates how the service is currently performing. It outlines the People, Prevention, Protection and Response Strategies that will be used to control and mitigate risk across Cumbria.

In February 2016, Cabinet took the decision not to endorse the Year 1 Action Plan.  Full details of the Cabinet decision.

Subsequent to this decision the Service produced a plan on a page to outline its activity for 2016/2017 

The approval of the IRMP is a decision taken by Full Council.  Subsequent action plans are approved by the Council's Cabinet.  A record of the decisions made, and the rationale behind that decision can be found on the Council's website

 Title  Date  Size
11/01/2019 826k
11/01/2019 939k
11/01/2019 922k
11/01/2019 983k
11/01/2019 1082k
14/01/2019 964k
11/01/2019 934k
14/01/2019 979k
11/01/2019 931k
14/01/2019 1071k
14/01/2019 1063k
14/01/2019 970k
11/01/2019 991k
14/01/2019 943k
14/01/2019 975k
11/01/2019 951k
14/01/2019 993k
11/01/2019 906k
11/01/2019 971k
11/01/2019 920k
14/01/2019 1035k
11/01/2019 979k
14/01/2019 988k
11/01/2019 923k
11/01/2019 1021k
11/01/2019 859k
11/01/2019 1030k
11/01/2019 1003k
11/01/2019 932k
11/01/2019 918k
11/01/2019 890k
11/01/2019 921k
14/01/2019 978k
11/01/2019 903k
14/01/2019 964k
11/01/2019 890k
11/01/2019 919k
11/01/2019 998k