Fire safety and children - school visits

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service sees schools as one of the key settings within which to promote the health of young people and the wider community. The knowledge, skills and attitudes that we learn at school stay with us for life. Schools can be the springboard for long term health and safety and education is a vital element of our strategy.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service provides three major packages to be delivered within schools:-

  • Fire safety messages are delivered across the Key Stages. Groups will be made fully aware of the dangers of fire, safety measures to prevent fire and actions to be taken should a fire occur in the home.  Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service often work with other agencies in schools to promote safety messages.

  • Road Awareness Training is an effective education package that is designed to be delivered at the final school year (Year 11) before pupils are allowed to drive on the roads. This package is to raise their awareness of the dangers on the roads and what the effects of road traffic collisions and of the consequences to themselves and to others if they cause or are involved in a collision. This is a hard hitting programme that does show graphic accounts of road collisions.


  • HeartStart - each year in the UK there are 60,000 cardiac arrests (BHF 2014); including 12 children every week; these are sudden, sometimes with no prior warning. The survival rate in the UK currently is around 5%. It is so low due to the lack of defibrillator provision and lack of knowledge surrounding basic life support.
    When cardiac arrest strikes you have a matter of minutes to save this person's life. The brain cannot survive without oxygen for more than 4-6 minutes; by carrying out CPR you can continue the circulation of blood, however, this will not bring them back.
    For a FREE HeartStart session from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service please use the number below. Make sure you are HeartStart aware!

If you are a teacher and would like to arrange a visit or discuss the programmes please contact your nearest fire station who will be happy to arrange a visit or phone freephone  0800 358 4777