Assistant Director - Workforce and Organisational Development

Salary: £100,107 
Contract: 12 months Fixed Term 
Closing date: 25 September 2020
Shortlisting: 30 September 2020 
Final interviews:  13 October 2020

Are you ready for a new and exciting challenge with Cumbria County Council?

It's a great time to work in Cumbria. Across the county we're working in new ways with partners to support Cumbria's communities to thrive and fundamentally change the way we work as an organisation. 

It's our drive to build fresh relationships, which look across organisational boundaries, emphasise our strengths, and focus on what makes a difference for people, which makes Cumbria such a stimulating and dynamic place to work.

This is a career-defining role and provides a truly exciting opportunity to make an impact for the people of Cumbria and on our ways of working as a significant, large employer. 

As a key member of our leadership team, you will be inspirational, collaborative, experienced and with a track record of success in organisational transformation, service improvement, change management and a sound understanding of working in a complex political environment. You will hold responsibility for the Workforce and Organisational Development service area, which includes our People Management, Organisational Development and Workforce Training teams, but you will also work across the senior leadership team of the council and trade unions to support organisational transformation in relation to the workforce. 

We are well aware of the realities and uncertainty facing the public sector, especially in this current climate and with the new challenges COVID-19 has brought, but we see the opportunity to innovate, integrate, and do things differently; we are always focussed on how we can improve outcomes for our communities and take our organisation into the future.

To get a flavour of Cumbria as a place, please watch our short video. 

This video was produced prior to COVID-19 and as such many of the changes now implemented - such as social distancing and PPE are not reflected in the imagery:

Welcome to Cumbria video

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Following COVID-19 the County has established a Strategic Recovery Coordination Group, which is chaired by Cumbria County Council - They have a clear vision which is built around rethink, reshape and reimagine the future. 

Strategic Recovery Coordination Group - Terms of Reference (PDF 682KB)

We believe it is a great time to join Cumbria County Council. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person, so if you think this could be you, we look forward to receiving your application.

Role profile - Assistant Director Workforce and Organisational Development (PDF 588KB)

To apply:

For more information or to apply, please see contact our recruitment partners at Penna Recruitment Agency:

Nick Raper -  07715 690463

Helen Alwell - 07809 905467

We're working with residents, businesses, communities and partners to deliver the best services possible, and we know we have to do that within the available resources. By working together, we will ensure that people in Cumbria are healthy and safe; that places in Cumbria are well connected and thriving; and that our economy is growing and benefits everyone.

We are ambitious and are committed to creating the conditions to effect lasting positive change. We know that our organisational culture is key and we've invested heavily in engaging with our workforce and supporting them to work in new ways. We are focussed on performance and delivery and ensuring we have a financially sustainable future.

Council Plan

Workforce Development Plan (PDF 3MB)

Link to Medium Term Financial Plan (PDF 2MB)

Structure Chart (PDF 178KB)

In Cumbria we are achieving despite the challenges including the Impact that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has had on our workforce, communities and businesses. Alongside the financial constraints on public services, we have a large and unique landscape. 

Serving the county's half a million residents there is 1 county council, 6 district councils, 2 national park authorities, 6 NHS organisations, over 250 town and parish councils over the second largest county in England. We recognise that leading in collaboration with communities and with partner organisations is the only way to achieve more.

We are clear that the Council's role is, now and in the future, to create the conditions to effect change - using a strength based approach so that the conversations we have with our residents and partners start with building on what is already there and what works well, and what we can do together. So leadership here means facilitating, enabling, and supporting. Our approach is based on effective and continuous community engagement, led by Elected Members as a strong voice for their communities.

The Council makes significant contributions to key partnerships at strategic and local level, and leads where we can make a positive difference. We have a long tradition of partnership working. It is in our DNA and partners tell us they value this. We are now pushing ourselves to the next level to achieve the ambitions we've set out.

We provide leadership to Cumbria's Health and Wellbeing Board, in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the Children's Trust and Safer Cumbria - all of which contribute to improving the safety, health and wellbeing of residents. 

Whilst the local authority role in education has changed significantly over the last decade or so, the Council continues to successfully enable educational improvement, supporting the Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders (CASL). Over the last 2 years, we have actively increased the contribution we make to improving skills in Cumbria more widely, including leading work across the health and care system on workforce matters, aligning our community learning and skills offer to identified local and business needs and providing leadership to the forum of training and further education providers.

We are building new types of relationships with parish and town councils and with the vibrant local community and voluntary sector. We have begun to work more closely with parish and town councils to design and deliver services with early successes on highways services. The Council's ongoing conversation with the community and voluntary sector about working together in different ways to support communities is underway and is beginning to pay dividends.

There's more to Cumbria than hills and lakes. Work with us, challenge yourself and take your career to the next level.

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