Cumbria Outdoors - Training opportunities for DofE leaders

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) develops young people for life and work. It helps them to fulfill their potential and have a brighter future. For many young people, the impact can be life-changing.

Dates and time:

Monday 14 October 2019 9.30am to 1.30pm

Course outline:

Introduction to the DofE (Short version)

To provide the information needed to be a DofE Leader and run DofE programmes with your group. All delegates must complete the online e-induction module and produce a letter of completion prior to attending the course 

The Handbook for DofE Leaders (seventh edition) is the main tool for delivery of this module. It is important that Leaders become familiar with its content and layout.

Target audience:

Duke of Edinburgh Award Co-ordinators and Leaders in schools (both in and out of county)

Course provider:

Lisa Hignett - Duke of Edinburgh's Award co-ordinator, Cumbria County Council 


  • To understand the mission, concept, guiding principles and the delivery structure of the DofE and to appreciate the benefits to young people. 
  • To understand the different roles needed to support a young person's DofE participation and to recognise their responsibilities to both participants and their Licensed Organisation/AAP. 
  • To understand DofE programmes (levels, sections, timescales, sectional benefits) and the development of a DofE programme using resources available to enable them to support young people through their DofE programme.
  • To understand the process of a young person completing a DofE programme and to consider the possible barriers to completion and progression.
  • To provide the DofE Leader with the knowledge to enable them to support young people, develop new Leaders and identify the resources and support available to help them achieve this.


Hawse End Centre
CA12 5UE

Course fee: 

£ 56 

Please contact to book onto the course

Telephone: 01768 812280

Course Number:   IttDofE013319

Introduction to DofE booking form (WORD 250KB)

Dates and time:

Monday 3 February 2020  10am to 4pm

Course outline: 

The Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) provides the opportunity for new Expedition Assessors to have their training, skills and learning accredited by the DofE and nationally recognised. The programme has been designed to provide Expedition Assessors with a clear and consistent understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Target audience:

Teachers (secondary), DofE supporters, Departments wishing to run DofE, Outdoor Education Leaders, AAPs, DofE Co-ordinators and Leaders in Educational Establishments (Secondary).

Course provider:

Ruth Ramsdale  - Operations Officer, DofE North


  • To identify current knowledge of the DofE's principles and 20 conditions of the Expedition section and the importance of the aim of the expedition.
  • To outline the role of the Expedition Assessor and the steps to assessment.
  • To help Assessors understand the importance of social and personal development within the Expedition section.
  • To confirm that delegates have the knowledge to ensure that expeditions meet the DofE's 20 conditions.
  • To understand the varying modes of travel that can be used for a DofE expedition and the environments in which they can take place.
  • To understand the processes involved in the debrief, presentation and DofE completion part of the expedition and how this can lead to a successful outcome for the participant.


Lisa Hignett - Duke of Edinburgh's Award Co-ordinator, Cumbria County Council 


Telephone:  01768 812280


Cumbria LEP Conference Centre,
CA11 0DT

Course fee: £ 75 (includes lunch) 

Course code: EAAS013398

Expedition Assessor Accreditation Course booking form (WORD 250KB)