HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - how to leave your condolence

Send a message of condolence

The official online Book of Condolence is available on the Royal Website. Unfortunately, in order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions in place, and to reduce the risk of transmission, The Royal Family have respectfully asked that no Books of Condolence are to be made available in public buildings for people to sign in person. To respect their wishes, we will not be opening Condolence Books across Cumbria.

We do however appreciate that not everyone has internet access. If you know someone in your community who does not have access to the internet and who feels strongly about leaving their condolence, please make them aware that they can write their message of condolence and send it in an envelope addressed to FREEPOST CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL. All condolence messages received will be archived in Cumbria. 

Floral tributes

During the current public health situation, the Royal Household is asking the public not to lay floral tributes and as such, we are asking you to respect this and not lay floral tributes around the county. 

We appreciate that members of the public would like to pay their respect, but we want to respect the wishes of the Royal Household. We must also continue to follow the current Government coronavirus guidelines, particularly on avoiding meeting in large groups and on minimising travel. So to keep everyone safe it is not appropriate to lay flowers. 

Instead, the Royal Household is asking the public to make a donation to one of HRH charities, or a charity of their choice. The Duke of Edinburgh supported many amazing charities and some of these have strong connections to our county. For example, one of The Duke of Edinburgh's Patronages is the Outward Bound Trust which has its HQ in Cumbria and The Duke was also a Life Member for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Please visit to view a full list of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's charities and patronages.  

Members of the public wishing to express their condolences are also encouraged to send a message to the Royal Family directly on the online Book of Condolence which can be found at