Strategic Investment and Property

The Strategic Investments and Property Service is led by the Assistant Director for Strategic Investments and Property.   It incorporates three previously distinct service areas - Property Service, Childrens Property Service and Premises Unit, bringing them together as one service to enable the Council to proactively and comprehensively manage all aspects its property portfolio throughout its lifecycle - from design through to subsequent maintenance and monitoring.   In doing this effectively, we are supporting the Council in achieving its aim to be a "modern, high performing council that is in touch with local people and places, and which responds to their different needs in a way which delivers excellent value for money."

The vision for Strategic Investments and Property going forward is to be the delivery agents, helping to ensure that the council has the right assets in the right place and well managed, to enable the services that we provided to our communities to be delivered in the most effective and efficient way.


Property Strategy Team, responsible for:

  • Property Strategy Client

  • Property Policy

  • Property Review Client

  • Property Information

  • Property Development Client

Construction Programmes/Repairs and Maintenance Team, responsible for:

  • Construction Programme and Project Client (Commissioning and Monitoring)

  • Property Repairs Client

  • Planned Maintenance Client

  • Servicing and Compliance Client (Construction Design and Management, Heating, Electrical Systems, Asbestos, Legionella, etc)

  • Energy Management Client (Sustainability Programme Projects)

Land and Property Team, responsible for:

  • Commissioning Estates management Services

  • Land and Property Disposals/Acquisitions

  • Landlord and Tenant

  • Market, Asset and Rental Valuations


Delivering expert foodservice, cleaning solutions and school crossing patrols.

Our foodservice and cleaning activities are provided by Orian, a wholly owned stand-alone local authority company.

Information on our foodservice and cleaning activities

Contact address:
Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Park

Telephone:  07767 656112