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A Christmas letter to my foster child

Dear foster child,

You celebrated your 18th birthday this year and I couldn't help but think back to the little boy you were when you first walked into my home 8 years ago. 

You had been in care since birth and when you were 4yrs old you were diagnosed with autism and would tell people you were 'disabled'. There were few expectations for you academically and as you approached 10 and you were due to leave primary school the plan was to send you to a special school for children with disabilities.

Then 'Fate' stepped in and you got moved into my home when you were 10 years old. Very quickly it became apparent that although you had autism, it was in fact Aspergers and you were blessed with a special talent for music.

I enrolled you into main stream school and with a lot of hard work and dedication from you, you excelled and thrived at school and in life. 

You played your trumpet every year for the school productions, and you also play for our local brass band at events all year around and you have even busked with a Ceilidh band!

Now you attend college studying music, and play regularly with different bands you are in at a local nightclub, playing everything from rock to Jazz (your favourite).

I remember when you first came to me you could not hold eye contact and would have meltdowns if asked to mix with other people. Now you are in college full time and also volunteer for a local cancer charity four hours each week! 

You also completed your National Citizen Service qualifications last summer, which was a massive achievement and you go to a youth club every Monday where you mix with other young people with autism.

You are such a talented, lovely-natured young man, who has overcome many, many obstacles, but never complains. You just keep giving life your very best.  

As this year ends and Christmas approaches the one thing I would like to say to you is how very, very proud you make me every single day. I could probably write a book, never mind a letter, on all your achievements and I know you will continue to shine in 2019!

Love Alex, your foster carer xxx

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