Fostering case studies - Rosemary`s story

I'm Rosemary and I live in Penrith, I've been fostering with Cumbria County Council for 15 years. I also work part-time in a local supermarket.

Fostering was always something I wanted to do, after my own children left home me and my husband decided to go for it. For most of my life I've worked with children or had children in the house, I've raised my own children and looked after children as a child minder and nanny so I felt I had something to offer.

I first began fostering as a short term carer, looking after primary school age children who'd come from neglected backgrounds. It quickly became evident that the children we were caring for would not be returning to their birth families in the short term and myself and my husband began to care for children longer term.

In our 15 years fostering we've fostered children from babies up to teenagers, to see the difference fostering makes even in just a short while is truly rewarding.

With the council you receive good, informative and useful training to help meet the needs of the children you are caring for. We're also lucky to have access to a vast support network; from members of my own family, friends, neighbours and other local foster carers, and of course there's always support from social workers.
Fostering is a fantastic job, it's something you must be committed to and do it from the heart, take opportunities to speak with the council and other carers like me who can tell you about our experiences.

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