Christmas in Care: a blog from a Cumbria child

What is Christmas? Christmas is a time for rejoicing and being with loved ones, but it is also a time of reflection at the past year and changing the new.

Being in care at Christmas is no different from not being in care.You still have people who care about you and love you. It is still a time of celebrations and love. It is still a time of looking back into the past year and using the new lessons learnt to improve the New Year.

But Christmas is a lot more than individual love and self-reflection. It is a communal festival of friendship, love and reflection. Being in care is like being in a large family of other children in care. You may argue. You may agree. You may love each other.  You may hate each other. But what is important is the fact that you care about each other and use what has passed to apply to the future and create a better world, not only for yourself but others too - carers, Independent Review Officers, Social Workers and kids in care.

Like I said, being in care at Christmas is no different to not being in care at Christmas. All that is different are the lessons we learn and how to apply them to our own future and to everyone else's.

Rhys, aged 14

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