Fostering case studies - Dawn

Dear little one at Christmas,

The excitement is starting to build for Christmas. As yet you are totally unaware. This will be your first Christmas in this world. A very special time. You have lived with us your whole life which has been a happy joyous time for all within our family. 

As you grow you won't remember your first Christmas and, in time, even any of us. So we will keep all your precious memories safe for you.

We will put your personalised Christmas tree decoration in pride of place at the front of the tree along with all the others on our tree. All our babies past and present have a named Christmas decoration; one for them to keep and one for us to treasure as the years go by. 

We're putting up our tree this weekend. I'm sure you're going to love all the lights, rolling around under the tree and trying to grab the ones you can! This has been a year of first experiences for you and we have loved sharing them with you. Your first smile and those teeth within, the first time you learnt to roll over, cuddles and snuggles and the first time you opened your arms for us to receive those cuddles. 

We have yet to experience your first night to sleep right through but that's something to look forward to in the new year!

Your Christmas outfit and 1st Christmas bib will join your Halloween costume in your memory box to take with you. 

This is where my hopes and dreams for the future my darling little one lies - that you find a lovely family next year. A family that will love and cherish you, protect you and have fun with you as you grow. A family who will always be there for you. A family that understand that the last year with us has also been an important part of your life and will stay in touch with us your foster family who love you with all our hearts.

Happy Christmas little one.
Love Dawn

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