A foster carer`s Christmas blog: Rob and Christine

This year as we sit down together as a family of four at the Christmas table it will be a time of reflection. This will be our third Christmas with our two looked after children now 10 and 14.

The first two Christmases together we have spent with them on holiday in Spain but they wanted to be at home this time. Definitely their choice to swap from heat to cold!

We've talked about the routine for the day and they are so excited. From discussing what time to get up to what vegetables they don't want with lunch!

They really want to play some games so maybe Santa will bring something special we can all join in together…

Looked after children have all kinds of past experiences at Christmas some sad some happy but it's our responsibility to make sure they enjoy all of their years now growing up with happy memories.

Some may not be lucky enough to see their birth family at all and we have to make this time of year extra special with lots of fun and play.

Fostering is sometimes challenging but all the children deserve a better brighter future and it's up to us to achieve that with them.

Fostering changes lives not just for our children but it enriches all our lives.

May everyone have a happy Christmas and may all our children achieve their dreams.

Christine and Rob

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