Fostering case studies - Ros and Jonny

Dear Corey,

It's been nearly eight years since you joined our family. I know it was a bit strange at first being somewhere different, but you fit in really well straight away. 

You have changed so much, you arrived unsettled, angry, sad, shy and always with your head down and apologising. You didn't say very much, but you liked to join in with things we did and bit by bit you got used to us. 

Now you are always loud, bubbly, laughing, joking, smiling and being cheeky (in a fun way!) and love being the centre of attention telling us stories of your day.

It's a real joy to see how you have grown up, I know somethings have been hard but we have got through it together and you have done amazing. School wasn't easy, college a struggle but we are so proud to see you thriving now at your youth work, a job you love. 

It's a privilege to see you relate, and get alongside children and young people at church and in schools and youth clubs and share your story and help them. You have been a great role model and mentor to other young people and we are so proud of what you do and you should be too. 

I'm so glad our family have had a part to play on your journey…You also make a brilliant cuppa and give great hugs! 

Happy Christmas Corey.
We love you lots!
Ros and Jonny

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