Teenage fostering scheme

Could you foster a teenager? Find out more about our Adolescent Care Team (ACT) scheme

Cumbria County Council's Adolescent Care Team (ACT) are looking for compassionate, caring and dedicated people to join us as Foster Carers for children aged 10-18 years on a permanent basis. Talk to any of our foster carers and they'll tell you about the rewards and satisfaction fostering gives them. Helping to make even a small difference to a young person's life is hugely satisfying. Could you help make a positive change to teens with complex needs? Do you have experience working with adolescents who have experienced trauma? Can you manage challenging behaviours? Teenage fostering is a unique opportunity where carers provide long-term, family-based placements to young people who are moving out of residential care or from a foster care placement outside of the county. 

Many of these young people will have encountered abuse of some kind or neglect and may already have experienced a breakdown in a previous foster care relationship. This is a varied, rewarding and challenging role which could involve improving a child's attendance at school and supporting them to step down from residential care back into a fostering 'home' environment.

  • 24 hour support and regular contact from a dedicated social worker
  • Advanced specialist training
  • Peer support scheme
  • Links with virtual school
  • Access to respite
  • Access to an EHWB (emotional health & wellbeing) worker

Our fostering payments are a combination of:

  1. A maintenance allowance for the child - The allowance covers the costs of everything that you need to care for a child such as food, clothing, transport, personal items and household expenses.
  2. A fee paid to the carer - The foster carers' fee recognises the amount of time they dedicate to fostering, as well as their skills and experience. 

ACT carers receive a weekly fee of £406 per child plus a regular weekly allowance allocated according to the child's age:

0-4 years5-10 years11-15 years16-18 years
£139.86 £154.28 £176.61 £214.76

Contact us on 0303 333 1216 to find out more or submit an expression of interest form