Fostering - Types of fostering

There are a number of different fostering schemes, reflecting the variety of backgrounds and needs of individual children.  Whatever your situation, there will be a scheme to match the type of help you can offer.

Shared Care

The Cumbria Shared Care Scheme links carers with a family who have a child or children with disabilities.  We aim to match you with a child who you can care for on a regular basis for a weekend, a holiday or occasional overnight stays, building up the child's trust and confidence.

Short-Term Fostering

Short term carers look after children for anything from a few days to two years while we work with their families to secure their future, hopefully by enabling them to return home.

Approved Support Care

Approved Support Carers provide temporary breaks to existing carers and families at weekends and during holidays. There is most demand for this type of fostering at weekends and during school holidays. 

Permanent Fostering

If a young person is unable to return home to live they may need a substitute permanent family for the rest of their childhood.

Home Stays

This is not strictly speaking a fostering scheme.  It provides supported accommodation based within the community for young people leaving the care system, and is a way of allowing young people to learn how to live independently.