A guide to work experience

Work Experience for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Offering work experience to a much wider group can also be highly effective in supporting people to find employment. It can develop or re-fresh their skills and help them gain confidence, supporting them to move closer to employment. Participants may well bring a range of skills that can positively contribute to your business.

Here is Cumbria County Council's work experience offer:


Here are some of the work experience documents we use to ensure that participants are fully supported during their placement:

• Young People Risk Assessment (under 18) >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

• Work experience induction checklist >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

• Confidentiality agreement >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

• Employer code of conduct document >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

• Work plan and diary >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

• Certificate >>>>LINK TO DOCUMENT

Government webpages

Work experience employer guides:



Department for Work and Pension
s - advice about how to claim benefits or the effects on benefits when undertaking work experience, an apprenticeship or employment: 


CCC Partner webpages 

Inspira - Support with careers advice; advice about the options and next step after finishing school in Year 11 and Year 13; and advice about apprenticeship vacancies:


Cumbria Youth Alliance (CYA) - is a charity which provides a range of programmes & services to support young people aged primarily 14-25 years "Working with and for Young People to enable them to reach their full potential" 

CYA's website is currently being updated, in the meantime you can contact it in the following ways:

Telephone 01900603131

E-mail juan@cya.org.uk

Here are some examples of how Cumbria County Council has supported some young people with SEND with work experience.

Link to documents to follow

We will continue to use feedback to improve and update the toolkit. Please send any comments to apprentice@cumbria.gov.uk with the subject heading subject heading 'Employer's guide to work experience SEND'.

Apprenticeship Team
Cumbria County Council

Email: apprentice@cumbria.gov.uk 

Telephone: 01228 221400

Is there any guidance for employers?

    - Please see the links below:

      Employer guides to work experience
      Work experience employer guide

Do I need employer's liability insurance?

    - Check your Employers Liability policy to ensure that employees under 16 years old are covered as some policies exclude anyone under this age.

Who is responsible for the work experience participant getting to and from the workplace?

    - The Council asks that the parent/carer is responsible