Keswick flood alleviation scheme

The project, which is being led by Cumbria County Council will address surface water flooding issues at and between the Penrith Road and Ambleside Road areas of Keswick. The Council is planning to construct a new flood storage attenuation pond on land at Springsfield, a new pumping station within, or adjacent to, Penrith Road, (discharging into the River Greta), and, where necessary instigate property level protection measures to properties between Ambleside Road and Penrith Road. The scheme will protect up to 118 properties at risk.

17 May 2019

Planning applications to commence construction works have now been submitted to the Lake District National Park Authority. Details of the applications are available to view below:

Detention basin planning link

Pumping Station planning link

Two drop in sessions have now been held, with over 100 members of the local community attending. The feedback on the proposal for a pumping station has generally been very positive.

As part of the scheme, a new kiosk is required to hold all of the control equipment for the pumping system.  The current proposal is to incorporate the kiosk in to a new bus stop structure at Wivell Park - an artist impression of how this may look is available to view below. Feedback on the kiosk and new bus stop was also very positive.

Penrith Road - kiosk bus stop

Some concerns have been raised regarding the visual impact of the gates and access track to the field where the flood basin will be situated - including concerns over access and road debris during the construction phase.  Some concerns were also raised regarding the privacy of adjacent properties during and after construction of the basin.  Here is a summary of those concerns:

  • The gate was set too far in to the field so may become a parking space on an already busy road
  • As the gate is set back in to the field, people would have a line of sight in to nearby properties at the top of the field
  • Removal of mature hedges and replacing with saplings
  • Filter drain to catch some of surface water flow located too far away from property boundaries

Proposed basin image

Following the drop in sessions, the council has worked alongside designers and local residents to develop a new design which meets the requirements of the project, whilst taking the views and concerns of the community in to consideration. Here is a summary of the revised design following community feedback:

  • Move gate to the north as close to property boundaries as possible to reduce line of sight in to homes
  • Plant additional hedging to provide more screening
  • Bring the gate closer to the road to prevent parking
  • Move the filter drain to the field boundary to catch more surface water
  • Where possible plant mature hedging instead of saplings, and reinstate removed hedges elsewhere where possible
  • By moving the gate we will be able to reduce the amount of hedging to be removed

Initial design                                                                                                           Revised design

Penrith Road - initial design Penrith Road - revised design