Courses in CLS

Do you want to improve your English and maths skills, while gaining a qualification that could help you in the future? Completing a course will improve your employment prospects, as well as increase your self-confidence or even to help with your Children's school work.
We offer English and maths courses at different levels to suit your needs. You can learn the skills you need to achieve GCSE or Functional Skills qualifications in both subjects.

There are plenty of reasons to take a GCSE course. Perhaps you want to prove you can?

Maybe you need an extra qualification to help get that promotion at work; or missed the opportunity to take the qualification in your school days.

Our GCSEs are fully accredited and taught by experienced tutors.

  • Maths

  • English

  • Science

We take every effort to make classes as informal and fun as possible so you don't feel like you're back at school.

Employability courses can support you ultimately successfully gain work. They also support progression for further learning providing an entry point for you to gain a qualification within a short timeframe and give you the confidence to start your learning journey.
Employability courses enable you to improve your confidence, learn skills relevant to employment and personal development to help you then make informed career and progression choices.

We all need digital skills and to feel comfortable using a wide range of different electronic devices, from cameras to tablets as well as laptops and PCs. The ability to access the digital world has become really important in almost everyday life, whether it be to make an appointment, pay bills, search for a job or keep in touch with friends and family online. We have a range of courses suitable for all levels. You can gain expertise in Microsoft Office software and there are short courses specifically aimed at providing you with the knowledge you need to use ICT.

Communication is the name of the game, the main emphasis of all our language courses will be conversational skills. These courses will equip you to cope in most situations. Our language courses offer more than just foreign language; we have a range of British sign language courses for those who want to learn and develop new ways of communication.  Our foreign language courses are aimed at developing conversational ability. If you don't have much experience, we offer beginner and intermediate courses in the most popular European languages.

For guidance on choosing the right course at the right level, please contact one of our centres who will be more than happy to advise.

Our classes will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques in your area of interest, whilst pushing you to explore your creativity and develop your own individual style. Our courses will give you the knowledge necessary to create something amazing. From drawing, painting, upholstery, needlecraft, DIY, jewellery to fine cuisine.

We offer classes at different levels and can support you whether you are a novice who would like to learn the basics or someone who needs to refresh themselves with more advanced techniques. We have courses to suit all needs and abilities.

Whether you want to improve your body or mind, we have a range of courses that can help. You will learn techniques which can help promote a feeling of well being and reduce stress. Our experienced and qualified Tutors cater for all levels of ability.

We have a large and varied programme for people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, sensory impairments or mental health. Our programmes are developed in partnership with care organisations to meet national and local priorities in supporting vulnerable adults looking to develop Independent Living Skills. We can assist with gaining confidence, developing skills, increasing independence and working towards employment.

For more information about this provision, please contact your local Community Learning and Skills Centre.

Do you want to enjoy spending time with your children whilst learning? Our family learning courses are practical, fun and informative, aiming to encourage family members to learn new skills and improve parent's maths and English and enjoy quality time together.
Our courses usually run in schools, children's centres and other local venues. The courses include joint sessions where parents and children work together, as well as separate learning time for parents and children.
For more information about this provision, please contact your local Community Learning and Skills Centre