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Cumbria Library Service members can borrow up to 6 eBooks and 6 eAudiobooks at any one time, from a range of fiction, non-fiction, children's and young adult titles for up to 3 weeks - all for free, by using the secure Borrowbox service.

You can download and borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks by using the website, or, you can download and use the BorrowBox app which has a dedicated eAudiobook player and eBook reader, allowing you to search, browse, borrow, read and play both formats.

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Prior to 1st April 2018, Cumbria Library Service purchased ebook titles from three different suppliers, and eaudio titles from two suppliers.

We have to have a contract in place for the supply of our ebooks and eaudiobooks, and Cumbria County Council took the decision to use the AGMA framework agreement which has been procured in line with Public Contract Regulations.

Although it is not a legal requirement to just use one supplier, the AGMA framework agreement which Cumbria County Council is using, is a single supplier contract.  This framework is being used by a number of authorities in the North West.

From 1st April, Bolinda UK Ltd (Borrowbox) will be the sole supplier of both the eaudiobook and ebook formats. The framework contract provides access to a shared pool of titles and will offer an excellent choice and range of content to our library customers.