Free online eBooks, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and reference titles.

If you are not currently a library member and would like to join so that you can access our online offer, we can provide a digital membership which will let you use a wide range of online services including ebooks, eaudiobooks, digital magazines, comics and newspapers. If you already have full library membership these services are automatically included so you do not need to re-join. (If you are already a member and can't remember your card number and PIN contact

Set up your digital membership on the library website - click Log In, complete the form and submit it. You will then be emailed your temporary membership number, and you can access our digital library services.

Cumbria Libraries provides access to digital media from a range of providers. Use of these services are subject to the provider's terms and conditions.  

Cumbria Libraries accepts no responsibility for materials accessed from the provider. 

Parents or guardians are responsible for guiding young people in their use of these services whether these are accessed on the internet or apps.