Library Services for Schools - Local studies

Resources available in Cumbria to support local studies

Library Services for Schools stock a limited range of books on specific towns/villages within Cumbria but as new publications become available, we are aiming to increase the selection we have. Unfortunately all of the books are written for an adult audience. If you contact us by e-mail or telephone we will let you know if we are able to supply books on your locality.

We recommend that you visit your local public library who will stock a wider selection of local studies books. It is also worth contacting your local Cumbria Archive Centre who provide support to schools by delivering tailor-made workshops to support curriculum learning. Their sessions cover a wide variety of subjects and use original archive sources creatively to develop children's investigative and deductive skills, encouraging them to find out information themselves. These sessions are free of charge and can be delivered in school or at your local archive centre. 

Cumbria Image Bank is a collection of digital images created using original material from Cumbria County Council Libraries and Archive Service. There are also images that members of the public have sent in. This web site enables users to view 32,000 images, dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, covering the whole of Cumbria.

Cumbria image bank