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Grandma Dangerous by Kita Mitchell is the Spellbinding 2019 winner


After months of reading and debating, children in years 5 and 6 from Cumbria's primary schools have chosen their favourite book. Congratulations to this year's winner, Kita Mitchell, for her book Grandma Dangerous, a brilliantly fast-paced, funny and utterly bonkers adventure.

"A boy is thrown into a crazy adventure when his danger-loving grandma comes to stay after his dad goes missing somewhere in the Australian Outback. Ollie's dad is missing - but Grandma Dangerous is on the case! She has a hot-air balloon, thirty packets of biscuits and a pooch with magical powers (she says). But as they sail through the skies, Ollie realises they're not just on a rescue mission.... Grandma's on the run!. An hilarious laugh out loud story that will appeal to fans of Walliams and Dahl."

Here are some of the children's comments from the Spellbinding web site:

"Amazing it was soooooo cool I couldn't put it down it was so tense when he was in the shed and found his dad"

"Grandma Dangerous is the best book I have ever read"

" I loved this book it was so funny and I would tell all the people I know to read this book"

Primary Spellbinding web site - participating children can log in and leave comments about their favourite books, visit author web sites or try out the activities and quizzes. The staff section includes book review templates, bookmarks and activity ideas to download.

"We would like to take part again as it really gets the children excited about reading different genres of books."  St Bridget's CE School Brigham

"We have done it since the beginning and think it is brilliant." Staveley CE School

"The year 5 children have taken part in the awards this year and have really enjoyed it. Their enthusiasm to read the books and talk about them has been fabulous to hear. Many of them have found books, that they wouldn't normally choose, to be great fun and this has given them the confidence to try new and different genres." Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Barrow.

"Once again our children are really enjoying the Spellbinding experience and it's lovely to see some "reluctant" boy readers actively involved." Victoria Academy, Barrow

"I was very impressed by a year 6 less able reader who persevered to read all 7 books and had a great sense of achievement. All the children who read 7 books were really proud of themselves."

"It certainly raised the profile of reading amongst the children and their parents."

"Children were introduced to other authors and this will lead them to read a wider range of genre."

"Part of our project allowed time for follow up and discussion which developed useful skills in thinking about reading and thinking beyond what they read."

"Many children commented on the fact that they wouldn't have selected some of the books if they'd seen them in the library, yet they were surprised by how much they enjoyed them."

"All the pupils seemed to enjoy the variety and the poorer readers were keen to have a go at the more complex texts."

"Our year 6 are really enjoying the selection - two "reluctant" readers both spotted at playtime reading their books!!."