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Secondary Spellbinding winner 2020

This year's winning book is "Spylark" by Danny Rurlander, an adventure story set in the Lake District, followed in second place by "I Am Not A Number" by Lisa Heathfield and "Check Mates" by Stewart Foster coming in 3rd. 

Thank you to all participating students for your votes.

Shortlist of titles (PDF 746KB) 

The award is a celebration of reading, a chance for students to read new authors and share their thoughts and views on what they are reading with other students across the county.  It is all about reading for pleasure.

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Spellbinding - the award for students chosen by students!

"It encourages established keen readers to read outside their comfort zone and keeps the reading profile well represented."

"Spellbinding has always been held in high regard in our school and this year has been no exception."

"The Award Day is always a really good reward and treat for those students who do well with the Spellbinding challenge."

"It's a great reading award for schools. We hugely appreciate the knowledge it gives us and the support we receive, thank you!"