Public Health 5-19

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Coronavirus advice (COVID-19)

Transition Newsletters for Early Years, Year 2, Year 6 and Year 11

New downloadable guidance is available for Head teachers for COVID-19 along with a helpful poster to be displayed around your schools.

This guidance will assist schools and other educational settings in providing advice for pupils, students, staff and parents or carers regarding:

  • The novel coronavirus, COVID-19.
  • How to help prevent spread of all respiratory infections including COVID-19.
  • What to do if someone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 has been in a school or other educational setting.
  • What advice to give to individuals who have travelled to specified countries and areas within the last 14 days.

Coronavirus guide for children (PDF 1MB) - Be careful how you talk about the Coronavirus in front of children. Listen to your child's fears and be ready to answer their questions. This document can get all the information across in a child friendly way.

Home learning timetable (PDF 328KB) - This helpful home learning timetable will be very useful to many parents trying to keep a routine in the upcoming months.

Lockdown links (PDF 214KB) - Here are useful educational links to help you support your children at home.

Coronavirus: How to help kids cope with life without school