Public health 5-19 - risk taking behaviour

Risk Taking Behaviour Data from Cumbria Health Profile 2017:

The rate of alcohol-specific hospital stays among those under 18 is significantly higher than the national average (60 versus 42.7 per 100,000 population). This amounts to 56 stays per year in hospital.

The number of children and young people smoking in Cumbria is higher than the National average.

For teaching resources created by us look in the Public Health 5-19 Service Resources tab below!

School Guidance

Quality standards for alcohol and drug education (PDF 2,891K) standards designed to help schools shape the context and delivery of drug education

Alcohol: School-based interventions (PDF 171K) NICE guidelines

Teaching Resources

Public Health England School Zone - Rise Above - Alcohol  
Lesson plan and activities around alcohol use for KS3 and KS4.

Look out alcohol website
Website and teaching resources aimed at 7-11 year olds. It includes free games, tobacco information, lesson plans and ideas for parents/carers and teachers.

How many units? (PDF 593K) Poster to be used to raise awareness

Help me understand (PDF 732K) a booklet to help children, young people and workers talk about an adults drug and alcohol treatment

You are not on your own (PDF 603K) a booklet to help children, young people and workers talk about a parents drinking

Health Promotion

Alcohol and you (PDF 593K) facts about alcohol, staying safe and what to do if things go wrong

Have a little less feel a lot better (PDF 668K) leaflet from Drinkaware

Under aged drinking risks (PDF 3,569K) factsheet from Drinkaware

Parent/Carer Information

Talking to kids about alcohol (PDF 872K) a guide for parents and carers from the Alcohol Education Trust

Talking to your kids about alcohol (PDF 63K) a guide from Drinkaware

School Guidance

Quality standards for alcohol and drug education (PDF 2,891K) standards designed to help schools shape the context and delivery of drug education

Teaching Resources

Health Promotion

The truth about drugs (PDF 387K) know the score FRANK leaflet

Legal highs (PDF 1342K) know the facts FRANK leaflet

Mephedrone (PDF 107K) know the facts FRANK leaflet

Cannabis too much too often? (PDF 2342K) FRANK leaflet

Parent/Carer Information

Drug prevention for parents (PDF 907K) a selection of substance abuse prevention resources for parents

Does your child know more than you (PDF 429K) leaflet from FRANK

Gases and glues (PDF 635) is your child at risk what every parent needs to know

Legal highs and club drugs (PDF 1225K) A parent handbook

School Guidance

Keeping children safe in education (PDF 829K) statutory guidance for schools and colleges from DoE

Searching, screening and confiscation advice (PDF 277K) advice for head teachers, school staff and governing bodies from DoE

Sexting advice (PDF 222K) responding to and managing sexting incidents

Sexting in school (989K) responding to incidents and safeguarding young people

Sexting in schools: advice and support around self-generated images (PDF 1822K) what to do and how to handle it

Teaching Resources

Cup of tea film about consent

Health Promotion

Parent/Carer Information

Net Aware a guide to common social networking sites that children use

PH 5-19 RSHE Twilight links and resources

Please find below all the documents and links discussed during our twilight session.

RSHE Twilight Power Point, please contact your local Public Health Nurse for this.

PSHE Association

Sex Education Forum


Documents from the session

  1. Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.
    Statutory Guidance for governing bodies, proprietor's, head teachers, principals, senior leadership teams, teachers. DoE 2019
  2. Roadmap to statutory RSE
    Sex Education Forum
  3. Human Development and Reproduction in the Primary Curriculum
    The association for Science Education
  4. Whole school RSE audit tool.
    Sex Education Forum 2016
  5. Activities for consulting about your school sex and relationships education policy.
    Sex Education Forum 2016
  6. (a) Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) Example Policy (WORD 24KB)
    PH 5-19 Service
    (b) Relationship and Health Education Policy (RHE) Example Policy (WORD 23KB)
    PH 5-19 Service
  7. Understanding Relationships and Health education in your child's primary school; A guide for parents.
    Department of Education
  8. 'Our school is committed to RSE education which' Poster
    Sex Education Forum
  9. Relationships Education: supporting parental engagement (PDF 953KB)
    PSHE Association 2019
  10. Practical Tips for teaching an inclusive curriculum (PDF 294KB)
    PH 5-19 Service
  11. Primary Relationship Education Content Audit (PDF 485KB)
    PH 5 to 19
  12. Primary Health Education Content Audit (PDF 486KB)
    PH 5 to 19
  13. Curriculum Design Tool for RSE
    Sex Education Forum
  14. RSHE Staff Survey (PDF 434KB)
    PH 5 to 19
  15. Primary Relationship Education Content and Resource Links (WORD 33KB)
    PH 5 to 19
  16. Primary Health Education Content and Resource Links (WORD 42KB)
    PH 5 to 19
  17. Monitoring, evaluating and assessing RSE: The basics.
    Sex Education Forum

School Guidance

Puberty and sexuality for children and young people with a learning disability (PDF 7,885K) guidance from NHS Leeds

Harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people (PDF 277K) NICE guidelines

Teaching Resources


'About You' Puberty Education Programme Free puberty kits and lesson plans for schools

'Lillets' Schools Programme Free product samples and lessons plans on puberty and periods


Public Health England School Zone - Rise Above - Positive Relationships   
Lesson plan and activities on forming positive relationships for use for KS3 and KS4.

Health Promotion

Cumbria Sexual Health Service 
Link to Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Sexual Health Clinic web page, this links into other sexual health pages and resources.

Lancashire Sexual Health Service
Link to Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust Sexual Health Clinic web page, this links into other sexual health pages and resources.

Best 2 Know
Website for information about sexual health including contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

Link to Brook website offering advice around sexual health for children and young people up to the age of 25.

Family Planning Association
The sexual health charity Family Planning Association (FPA) provides advice and resources for all ages on sexual health, sex and relationships.  

Sex and young people 
Link to NHS Choices web page for information for sexually active children and young people and those considering a sexual relationship.

Cumbria Countywide Clinic Times Poster (PDF 223KB)

School Guidance

Smoking: preventing uptake in children and young people (PDF 228K) NICE guideline

Teaching Resources

Public Health England School Zone - Rise Above - Smoking
Lesson plan and activities around smoking for KS3 and KS4.

Look Out Tobacco 
Website & teaching resource aimed at 7-11 year olds with free games and tobacco information. It has an information area for teachers with lessons and an activity workbook. Also has an information area for parents/carers.

Health Promotion

NHS website part of the NHS One You campaign. Has information to find support and resources for quit smoking. Information includes E-cigarettes, stop smoking medicines, how to find face to face support, download the app to receive daily messages to support quitting.

NHS Choices Under 18s guide to quitting smoking
NHS Choices web page has information regarding smoking and quitting, including a cost calculator, finding a smoking cessation service and links to the NHS Smokefree website.

PH5-19 Smoke Free parent/carer factsheet (PDF 169K)                

PH5-19 Alcohol and the teen brain factsheet (PDF256k) 

PH 5-19 Puberty young person factsheet (PDF 446K)

PH 5-19 Pornography parent facthseet (PDF 214K)

Teaching resources


Please email your PH nurse for the resources below:

PH 5-19 Service Healthy relationships PowerPoint & teaching resources

PH 5-19 Service Contraception PowerPoint & teaching resources

PH 5-19 Service Sexually transmitted infections and keeping safe Powerpoint & teaching resources

Website offering advice and support regarding all kinds of addiction.

Adfam - Supporting Families affected by drugs and alcohol
Website offering advice for families affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

Website which can offer details of drug and alcohol services which can be accessed by individuals, family members and communities to support recovery.

Child Line
Website offering support to children regarding their emotional health, sexual relationships and school.

Cumbria Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)
Website offering support to anyone concerned about the safety or welfare of a child.

CCC - Early Help
Website signposting professionals to engage with the Early Help process.

CAMHS -My Time Cumbria
Website with information regarding CAMHS service.

Frank - friendly confidential advice about drugs

Website that provides information about drugs

Kooth - Online counselling for young people
Website offering free online support for children's emotional health and wellbeing.

NHS Live Well
NHS webpage with information and advice relating to child sexual exploitation.

NSPCC webpage for those working with children, offering policies, procedures regarding sexting and what to do to help a child who has received or sent an explicit image, video or message