Cumbria Local Resilience Forum

You can find information and advice to help you better prepare if there was an emergency in the county.

The Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) consists of all organisations and agencies involved with emergency response in our communities.

If an emergency occurs, we will publish information about what is happening, how the incident is being dealt with and by whom, and how you can help to protect yourself.

If you run a business there is advice on what you can do to help your business survive if you were affected by a fire, flood, storms, theft, fraud or vandalism.

It also contains the Community Risk Register, which lists possible risks, their probability of occurring and potential impact.

For 2014 Cumbria Local Resilience Forum has also prepared a Community Risk Register in an information booklet format. Cumbria Community Risk Register Booklet     

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 delivers a single framework for civil protection in the United Kingdom capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century.  The Act is separated into two substantive parts: local arrangements for civil protection and emergency powers.