Pre Planning Application Advice

The Development Control team provides a pre application service for applicants to obtain advice on potential minerals and waste developments through discussion with planning officers before submitting a planning application.

This advice covers what the relevant considerations for such an application are likely to be and the information that is likely to be required to accompany a planning application.

It will generally include an officer view as to whether or not planning permission is likely to be granted.

The charges for this service currently stand at:

  • For Major developments the fee is £ 440.00 (+ VAT) - i.e. £ 528.00
  • For Minor developments the fee is £ 220.50 (+ VAT) - i.e. £ 264.60

Please note that these fees are reviewed annually and any increases are applied from the 1 April.

A development is classed as major if it involves a land area of 1 hectare or more or if it involves the construction of a building whose footprint reaches or exceeds 75 square-metres. Any developments below these thresholds are classed as minor.

The protocol below provides further details about pre planning application advice, including information on the benefits of obtaining pre-application advice; how to apply; further details regarding fees; and the terms, conditions and level of service provided.

All requests for pre-application advice must be accompanied by a completed copy of the application form below.

The form, associated documents and requisite fee should be sent to:

Cumbria County Council, Development Control Team, County Offices, Busher Walk, Kendal, LA9 4RQ

Electronic copies of the forms and documents can also be emailed to: