Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Cumbria County Council has an established role in local flooding as Lead Local Flood Authority  for Cumbria under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.  The County Council is required to publish a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to set out how local flood risks will be managed in the county, who will deliver them and how they might be funded.
This Strategy has not been developed solely by the County Council.  It has been produced in collaboration with the Environment Agency, District and Borough Councils, United Utilities and other bodies. The County Council must take a lead in Cumbria on local flood risk management and this Strategy identifies how this will be done.  
The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has an Action Plan that identifies a programme of work for reducing local flood risk within Cumbria.  Alongside the preparation of the Strategy a number of environmental and equality impact assessments have been carried out.


Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Public Summary pdf 2.289kb

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy pdf 1,457kb

Annex A Governance & Partnership Arrangements pdf 736kb

Annex B Risk Assessment pdf 1,815kb

Annex C LLFA Duties Under the Flood & Water Management Act 2010 pdf 801kb

Annex D Action Plan pdf 675kb

Annex E Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report pdf 4,949kb

Annex F Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping and Screening Report pdf 4,173kb

Annex G Water Framework Directive Assessment pdf 1,991kb

Annex H Equality Impact Assessment pdf 141kb 


 This Strategy was adopted by Cumbria County Council on 26th March 2015 following public consultation in November-December 2014. As a 'living document', the Strategy along with the Action Plan and supporting assessments will be updated regularly. The next Cumbria Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to receive formal approval from Cumbria County Council will be published in 2021 following public consultation.