Infrastructure Planning - Nationally Significant and Major Projects

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

There is £25bn of investment proposed for Cumbria over the next 10 years. 

A number of major energy related projects are planned for Cumbria, which are "Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)". NSIPs require a Development Consent Order application to be made to the National Planning Inspectorate with the final planning decision on these schemes being made by the relevant Secretary of State.  

Cumbria County Council is an important statutory consultee and takes a leading role in assessing the impact of developments and what interventions are required (e.g. road improvements) to ensure the suitability of proposals.

Current NSIPs in Cumbria include:

This proposal is for the construction and operation of a new nuclear power station on land adjacent to the existing Sellafield site.    It is estimated that the project will create more than 20,000 jobs during its lifetime, and when built it will generate around 7% of the nation's electricity.

Information about NuGen's proposals

The Council's response to latest consultation on the NuGen Moorside Project:

This proposal seeks to provide new electricity transmission infrastructure required to connect the proposed Moorside nuclear power station to the UK electricity network at Carlisle in the north and Heysham in the south.

North West Coast Connections project website

The Council's response to latest consultation on the North West Coast Connections Project:

Volume 1 Joint Consultation Response Executive Summary (PDF 8MB)

Volume 2 Joint Consultation Response (PDF 369kb)

Other Major Projects

In addition to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, other major schemes in Cumbria include:


West Cumbria Mining is proposing the creation of a major metallurgical coal mine off the coast near Whitehaven in West Cumbria.

United Utilities are delivering a new water pipeline between Thirlmere and West Cumbria, which will consist of a £300m investment in new pipelines.

BAE Systems are delivering the Dreadnought Class Submarine, when complete this will carry the UK's independent nuclear deterrent.

Low Level Waste repository Ltd are planning a major extension to the Low Level Waste Repository at Drigg in West Cumbria.

Approximately £10bn of investment is anticipated at Sellafield up to 2030. This will support ongoing decommissioning which is anticipated to continue for several decades.