Renewable Energy

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy, July 2009, sets out the Government's path to secure 15% of the Country's energy from renewable sources by 2020.   If we are to achieve this more than 30% of our electricity will need to come from renewable sources, 15% of our heat and 10% of our transport energy.  

Local planning authorities need to help deliver this target through the planning system and demonstrate how they are planning for a low carbon future in a changing climate.  

Onshore wind energy is already playing a big role in delivering renewable electricity in Cumbria, with offshore wind contributing to national electricity targets too.   But this is not the only way to deliver renewable energy, especially in Cumbria where there are a range of renewable resources to tap into.    This part of the website highlights some of the work we are doing to help generate more renewable electricity and heat in Cumbria.

hydro electric power site at Coniston