Community Waste Prevention Fund

The community waste prevention fund is a grant giving scheme that supports the reduction of household waste whilst seeking to improve the quality of life for people living in Cumbria through community based projects.

The ultimate aim is to:

·         Reduce the amount of waste produced in Cumbria by encouraging specific behaviours relating to the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle and encouraging resourcefulness through repairing, refurbishing, repurposing, sharing, swapping and composting.

·         Reduce the negative impact of waste on our society and environment by encouraging better management of waste and exemplifying new ways of dealing with waste as a resource.

·         Enable residents and communities to get involved in environmental and waste related initiatives and support permanent changes in individual behaviours.

·         Raise awareness of resource efficiency and educate people around resource efficient behaviours.

Applications will be welcome for new projects and to support existing worthwhile projects to continue or diversify.  Those applications for support which demonstrate that they are closely aligned with the aims of the waste hierarchy will be given priority

We will look favourably on projects that demonstrate an innovative approach to waste prevention and can be used as models of good practice in sustainable waste and resource management.

We would welcome applications that demonstrate social value, positive behavioural change, and/or lead to the maximisation of household income.

Who can apply?

The Community Waste Prevention Fund will only support applications from constituted, voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises such as:

·         Companies limited by guarantee.

·         Charitable bodies.

·         Schools and other educational establishments.

·         Trusts.

·         Co-operatives.

·         Industrial and Provident Societies.

·         Not-for-profit constituted organisations.

·         Community organisations with a memorandum of understanding.



If you would like to register your interest and receive more information about the fund as it becomes available please email your name, organisation or group name, your email address and your telephone number to