Waste Permit Requirements

If you want to bring household rubbish to a HWRC in a:

  • Van of any size

  • Utility vehicle (ie. pickup/flatbed/crew cab)

  • Twin axle trailer up to 3 meters long

You will require a free permit to do so.

Cumbria's fourteen Household Waste Recycling Centres will accept household rubbish delivered by:

Without a permit
A car with or without a single axle trailer (up to 3 meters long)

With a permit
A van (with no more than 4 wheels)
A twin axle trailer (up to 3 meters long)
A pedestrian

The following DO NOT have access to any recycling centres
Any vehicle with more than 4 wheels or trailer more than 3 meters long
Any 'tipper' vehicle
Agricultural type vehicles for example tractors
Any vehicle carrying trade waste
Any tail lift vehicle

Trade waste is not accepted at any of Cumbria's Household Waste Recycling Centres.

For further information and to get a permit please telephone 0300 003 1118 or apply for a permit online.