Strategies and plans

Our vision for Cumbria

For the people of Cumbria to benefit from sustainable economic growth and an enhanced quality of life.

Our vision for the county council

To be an effective and efficient organisation that delivers the best possible services for the people of Cumbria within its available resources, protects the vulnerable, and works with others in the  community to shape services and help find solutions for the future.

The council's core purpose:

"To serve the people of Cumbria"

The council's key priorities are to:

  • To safeguard children, and ensure that Cumbria is a great place to be a child and grow up
  • To enable communities to live safely and shape services locally
  • To promote health and well-being, and tackle poverty
  • To protect and enhance Cumbria's World Class Environment
  • To provide safe and well maintained roads and an improved transport network
  • To promote sustainable economic growth, and create jobs
  • To support older and vulnerable people to live independent and healthy lives
  • To be a modern efficient council

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