Choosing your ceremony

Bespoke Ceremony

Our Bespoke package allows you to personalise your ceremony. While there are legal requirements that have to be met within the ceremony, we are able to create a ceremony that is tailor made for you. You also have an option to have the legal requirements completed on a day prior to the ceremony.

Please discuss with the ceremony booking team your ideas.

These may include:-

  • The legal ceremony and registration has to happen
  • A longer ceremony time of up to 60 minutes
  • Option to hold the non-legal part of your ceremony in a part of the venue that is not approved e.g garden or terrace
  • Rehearsal with your ceremony officer prior to the ceremony
  • Commemorative certificate presented on your special day

It is your responsibility to agree any ceremony additons with the venue prior to your wedding day.

Enhanced Ceremony

This Ceremony has all the aspects of a Traditional Ceremony but you are able to add some personal touches.  You may wish to include readings or poems which you can read or include a member of your family or friends to say them for you, either up to two readings/poems or your own personal words to each one. The Ceremony lasts for 30 minutes and can be held at licenced venue of your choice. 

Traditional Ceremony

A Traditional Ceremony is one where no additions may be made. The Ceremony lasts for 30 minutes and can either be held at a local Register Office or a Licenced Venue of your choice.