Family History and Genealogy

Civil Registration began in 1837 and Cumbria still holds the original records for each district right up to the present day.  We are unable to provide a research service but our colleagues in The Archive Service are able to provide such a service.

We would encourage all our clients to order certificates direct from ourselves as this is the only way to ensure you receive the accurate up to date entry.  Even today if an entry is re-registered or corrected, it is done so using the original records which we hold.  Although a copy is then sent to The General Register Office, no guarantee can be made that the copy is either received or acted upon.  Only the holder of the original record is sure to have the full and accurate entry of birth, death or marriage.

You can also rest assured that purchasing locally will help support our local economy and to protect our valuable registers for generations to come.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our certificate services officers on 01228 221222 and they will be happy to help.